A new tool has been designed for hunting enthusiasts. The “døgngrader”, literally “day-to-day temperature monitor”, or “gamekeeper” is the name for the new device, which monitors storage conditions for meat. The device is placed out with game that has been hung to mature, and measures the relative humidity and temperature changes while the game is hanging. The device essentially measures the storage temperature multiplied by the number of storage days. When the device has calculated that the meat has reached an optimal quality, an alarm sounds. Maturing meat by hanging it can be quite challenging, especially under changeable weather conditions. The gamekeeper reduces the risk of the meat rotting.

The gamekeeper has been developed by SUVITEK. SUVITEK is located in Verdal and was established by Jon Olav Vikan (photo) and Jørund Sund, who are electrical engineers from NTNU. It took two years and NOK 1 million to develop the product.