“Buddy” children’s watch

Hearing impaired people have a real need for technological equipment, but components are often incompatible because they are designed either for communication or for warning, but not both. SINTEF has been contracted by Innomed, a norwegian innovation program, to address this issue. SINTEF researchers are attempting to improve designs for the hearing impaired by reducing component numbers and focusing on simpler operation with more automation.

The researchers contacted Lise Tinmannsvik, an MSc student at the Department of Product Design at NTNU. With their supervision, Tinmannsvik has designed “Buddy”, a communication and warning system for hearing impaired children that can be worn on the wrist. Buddy can control a hearing aid, warn the wearer that the telephone or doorbell is ringing, and communicate with the child’s parents. SINTEF is currently working on integrating Buddy with a number of other technological solutions