Speed cameras

Figures from the Directorate of Police show that men over 56 are over-represented in automatic speed controls. This group was responsible for 21.9% of positive results, while men over 36 accounted for no less than 57.8% of the fines for speeding issued in 2008. Women appear at much lower percentages in these figures than men. The same is true of most aspects of poor driving behaviour, from exceeding the speed limit to driving under the influence and not using seat belts.

SINTEF traffic researcher Dagfinn Moe says that men in general drive faster than women. They also take greater risks, and this has always been the case. Men dominate speed-related activities, and many prob-ably drive a bit too much on autopilot, he says. Moe adds that part of the explanation might be that there are many more male than female drivers, or that men usually drive when the family goes on a trip together.