Curing concrete with CO2

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    Note published 01.10.10

Concrete is usually cured using water, but a research group at SINTEF ­Materials and Chemistry has done an experimental study (exSEP) of curing concrete with CO2. The study showed that this type of curing takes place hundreds of times as quickly as hydraulic curing, and that the concrete becomes stronger. A third factor is that the technology is CO2-neutral, because the CO2 that is released during the production of cement is reincorporated in it during the process of curing.

“This is not a new technology,” says SINTEF’s Ove Paulsen, but what is strange that as far as we are aware, no one actually uses it.We believe that this technique can make an important contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions, at the same time as it makes the production of concrete products significantly more efficient.”