NOK 25 million to make biofuel

MemfoACT, an NTNU spin-off created in 2008 to commercialize a carbon membrane that can remove CO2 from gases, now has NOK 25 million in funding from industry partners and investors to build a full-scale pilot unit for their product.

The MemfoACT carbon membrane can extract CO2 from biowaste to make biomethane, a carbon neutral fuel that can be burned in cars, trucks and buses, or fed into the gas pipeline network.

The company is a joint venture between NTNU Technology Transfer and Professor May-Britt Hägg, Dr. Ing. Jon Arvid Lie and Dr. Ing. Arne Lindbråthen. The membranes are being tested at plant’s owned by the company’s industrial partners: FBAS (Fredrikstad biogass AS) in Fredrikstad, GLØR (Gausdal, Lillehammer og Øyer Renholdsverk) in Lillehammer, and the Høvringen sewage biogas plant in Trondheim.