Wireless gas sensing in Africa

With its roots in SINTEF research, Gas-Secure is a company that has developed a sensor that can be used to detect leak-ages of explosive hydrocarbon gases such as methane on offshore platforms.In collaboration with South African scientists and industry, the Norwegian participants in the project WIGAMI (Wireless Gas Sensing in Mines) will investigate and test a specially developed version of the sensor, to find out whether it can be used to detect hydrocarbons in mine galleries and thus raise safety levels in the industry.

One aspect of the project will be to study the ability of the systems to operate in a mining environment with-out the use of wires or cables.The project will run until the end of 2013. South African research and industry, represented by Dominik Schulte (Tellumat) and John Isaac (CSIR) in the picture, take part in the bilateral project which is led by SINTEF ICT.