This photograph shows researchers working with an artificial "sun" in their quest to build a new solar cooker. We liked it so much we've made it our main Facebook page photo. Photo: Geir Mogen has a new design — and a new web address

  • Published 13.09.16

Starting today, you’ll find a new and simplified website design for We hope it will improve your experience both in finding and reading the stories you like, whether you’re on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

When first came online in 2013, we designed our website so that it would share some similarities with our then-paper version. Now that we are a wholly digital magazine, we have made changes to give a cleaner feel, with new features and more of our news stories right on our home page.

And we’ve given the English pages a new web address:

It should be easier and faster to open individual articles, and it should also be easier to find articles in our article archive. We’ve also switched to a typeface to improve readability, and have “refurbished” our photo gallery, too.

The archive button is also new. Here you will find everything we have published by date, regardless of whether it is a text article, video, or an opinion piece by one of our researchers. You can also choose to go straight into a field such as engineering or humanities in the MORE menu.

Finally, – should work even better than did on your mobile phone.

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In spite of our new website, our editorial policies have not changed: We still strive to bring you the most exciting news from the frontiers of research on our page.

Happy reading!

The editors