CCS Award for 2017 was awarded to May-Britt Hägg from SINTEF. Nils Røkke, Director of Sustainability at SINTEF on the left and Dean at NTNU Øyvind Gregersen- in the middle. Photo: SINTEF.

The world meets in Trondheim to share CCS know-how

  • Published 04.03.19

The themes of the tenth edition of the Trondheim CCS Conference are technology that is absolutely necessary to combat climate change: CO2 capture, transport and storage.

Between 17 and 19 June, 500 of the leading Norwegian and international research scientists, decision-makers and industry representatives will gather in Trondheim to share, learn and be inspired. The themes for TCCS-10, the tenth Trondheim CCS Conference, are CO2capture, transport and storage.

CCS as a technology has existed for some time but has yet to be commercialised on a large scale. Nevertheless, the IPCC’s climate report published in 2018 shows that CCS is a technology that is going will be crucial to meeting the climate change goals set out in the Paris Agreement. Indeed, many industries will be unable to achieve zero emissions of CO2without CCS. Achieving CCS calls for major national effort, but we are also heavily dependent on international co-operation. TCCS-10 is therefore an important meeting place for bringing CCS one step closer to large-scale commercialisation.

CCS Award – SINTEF’s and NTNU’s CCS prize

Do you know of a research scientist who has specialised in the capture, transport or storage of CO2?

The SINTEF and NTNU CCS Awardwill be awarded for the fifth time during TCCS-10.

The award recognises outstanding performance in the field of CCS research:

  • Scientific contributions and breakthroughs
  • New CCS methods
  • Improved knowledge and information sharing regarding CCS
  • Promotion and initiation of pilot, demo and full-scale CCS projects

We are now looking for nominations for the award.

The CCS Award for 2017 went to May-Britt Hägg of SINTEF.

The conference is organised by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre, NCCS, in collaboration with SINTEF and NTNU.

To learn more about TCCS-10 and to nominate candidates for the award, visit the conference website