It's been 50 years since humans walked on the Moon. NASA had to build the expertise they needed to land on the Moon by deploying intermediary spacecraft, including this Gemini capsule, seen here in orbit. The old name for our research magazine, Gemini Research News, had readers wondering if we had something to do with NASA — but we don't. Photo: Science Photo Library

Mission control: Norwegian SciTech News has landed!

We’ve changed our name to Norwegian SciTech News — so readers know immediately what they will find here.

For more than a quarter of a century, NTNU has partnered with Scandinavia’s largest independent research institution, SINTEF, to publish news about the cool, exciting, ground-breaking research being done by our two organizations.

From wind power to sociological studies, from neuroscience to language acquisition—  we’ve been covering it all,  first in paper format, and since 2015, completely online.

This is NASA’s Gemini 7 spacecraft, which is not what our news website is about! But we love NASA and spaceflight anyway. Photo: NASA

We called ourselves Gemini (in Norwegian) and Gemini Research News (in English) to reflect that our two institutions were a bit like twins, where NTNU mostly does “pure” research, while SINTEF tends to conduct more applied research.

Our old name was also a nod to the fact that SINTEF was actually a spinoff from NTNU in the 1950s — back in the time when the word spinoff probably didn’t exist and NTNU was actually known as the Norwegian Institute of Technology, or NTH as an acronym for its Norwegian name.

That means Gemini — in Norway anyway — is a fairly well-known name, and we’ll continue to publish our research at for our Norwegian audience. We know that Norwegians aren’t likely to wonder if our Norwegian online publication is about astrology, or astronomy, or space flight.

But we’ve had enough experience with our non-Norwegian audience to know that Gemini Research News didn’t do a good enough job in telling readers what they would find on our English-language website.

Now that we’re Norwegian SciTech News, newcomers will know immediately what we do. For our faithful readers who have been with us for years, rest assured that you’ll continue to find the same great content you’ve come to expect from Gemini Research News. Same contents, different name.

So, welcome aboard — time for liftoff!