Children testing their hearing with the help of a game developed by Norwegian researchers. Photo: SINTEF

European innovation award for hearing screening of children

A game-based test that detects hearing loss in children has recently been awarded a European innovation medal. Both the test and the technology behind it have been developed by Norwegian researchers.

The project ‘I Hear Youis a collaborative effort involving SINTEF, NTNU and two local partner organisations in Tanzania. It has succeeded in developing and testing a new method of detecting hearing loss in children with the help of gaming technology. The technology is easy to use and can be made available universally because you only need a standard tablet and headphones. 

The aim of the project has been to develop hearing testing services for local communities so that hearing loss in children can be detected as early as possible.

The project is now being continued under the name ‘I Hear You 2’. Here the aim is to investigate the impact of a number of different measures being taken to improve the education of children with hearing loss. I Hear You 2’ was recently awarded third place in the EARTO Innovation Awards for 2022 in the category ‘Impact Expected’. EARTO is the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations.

Below you can watch a presentation video of the technology:

The projects are and have been funded by the Research Council of Norway programmes Visjon2030 (A new Hearing Care Service in Tanzania, I Hear You, proj. no. NFR 267527) and Norglobal2 (Inclusive Hearing Care for School Children in Tanzania, I Hear You 2, proj. no. NFR 316345).