Fishing is one of Norway’s most dangerous occupations. Between 1988 and 2005, 80 Norwegian fishermen died at sea. Now fishermen are to get work clothes that will improve their chances of survival. If a fisherman falls into the sea, the new oilskin suit will keep him afloat – in fact, upright in the water, a position that will make it easier to climb on board again, or to be dragged on board by others.

The new suit is the result of a cooperative effort involving SINTEF, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, the Gjensidige Insurance Company and the equipment manufacturer Regatta.

The aim was to develop a suit that would both promote safety and actually be used. The project group therefore emphasised the importance of developing clothing that would be comfortable to work in. The new suit sports large areas of fluorescent yellow and has been given the name “Regatta Fisherman”. The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association has great hopes for the clothing concept.