Flexible software development

Software is often developed based on the specification of requirements for a particular IT solution. The developer goes back to their desk, develops the new software, tests it and delivers it. The problem is that changes imposed by the client, and in technology, as well as the distance between developer and users, lead to “wrong” deliveries, delays and cost overruns.

Nowadays, the trend is in the direction of “flexible development”. The product to be delivered is divided into smaller units that carry less risk, and are sent a bit at a time to the client, who can then supply feedback.

Flexible development will be the subject of “XP”, a major internation- al conference that is due to be held in Trondheim on June 1–4 next year. “The conference will be a forum for researchers and industry. Such a meeting place has not existed to date; researchers have had little influence on industry, and many of the changes that have taken place have been imposed by gurus without any basis in studies,” says Torgeir Dingsøyr at SINTEF ICT.