Grab your rifle and go

NEW PRODUCT: If you are hunting or participating in a military operation, you need both a backpack and weapons. When you’re not using your weapon, you should be able to carry it in a stable and comfortable manner attached to your backpack. But you also need quick access to it.

Eirik Andersen, who last year received his master’s degree in product development at NTNU, has developed a new concept for quickly accessing your rifle. It’s called QRR (Quick Release Rifle) and consists of a backpack with a special weapon pocket between the main compartment and back plate. The weapon is placed in a pocket that closes with two hooks. By pulling a trigger on the bag strap, the hooks loosen and the gun can be pulled out of the bag quickly and without much movement – with no more than a second-and-a-half before it is in a position to shoot.

Andersen has worked for nearly three years with Trondheim Technology Transfer (TTO). The system is patented and should be available to Norwegian hunters in the summer of 2012.