Gets stroke patients back on their feet

Researchers in six countries in an EU project named CORBYS are developing a robotic system designed to help stroke patients re-train their bodies. The concept is based on helping patients by constructing a system with powered or-thoses to help them move their legs and a mobile platform providing patient mobility. Stroke patients must have frequent training exercises, and re-learn how to walk so that they can function as well as possible on their own.

“It is diffi-cult to meet these requirements using today’s work-intensive manual method where two therapists assist the patient by lifting one leg after the other,” says researcher Anders Liverud at SINTEF ICT, which is one of the CORBYS project partners. In the CAD drawing of the demonstrator the dark blue portion is the body of a patient. The red, green and most of the white supports the rail. The system in the middle keeps the patient in an upright position.