Prevent winter damage to your home

Every winter, many buildings collapse under the weight of snow. Climate change may result in more rain and greater volumes of snow, and many buildings have not been designed to cope with these conditions.

This is why SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is advising homeowners to keep an eye out for any changes going on in the house. Here are some examples:

  • Sticky doors and windows may indicate that your house is under too great a weight of snow.
  • When clearing snow from your roof, make sure that the weight is distributed as evenly as possible.
  • If you see large volumes of ice and long icicles, your roof is not insulating as it should. We recommend that you install new insulation to prevent air from escaping.
  • Insulation in houses built before 1990 may not be good enough. New insulation may save you money.
  • Frozen water pipes are often the result of incorrect installation in outer walls or cold basements. Be very alert to this and keep the temperature above zero.