A photographer’s favorite photos

People from NTNU travel around the world to do research. Photograph Per Harald Olsen has documented a number of these trips. He also has some advice for photographers who would like to take pictures like his.

If you have visited NTNU’s web pages, particularly those from the Department of Biology, chances are that you have seen some of Per Harald Olsen’s amazing photographs, even though you might not have known it was he who took them.

NTNU has 23.000 students, among which 2600 international students from roughly 70 different countries, making it the most international of all of Norway’s universities. Researchers at NTNU do fieldwork nearly everywhere across the globe.

Olsen is among NTNU’s most talented photographers. Over the years, he has traveled to many countries to document fieldwork, often with scientists from the Department of Biology. But he is a master at capturing nature with his camera and gladly goes on his own private journeys to take pictures as well.

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