Boneless Bob could use a hand. You can help him get his skeleton together. Photo: Steinar Brandslet, NTNU

Bob needs bones — but you have the biggest ears

A talking skeleton and luminous color boxes joined sound wave gizmos and a gene machine when students at NTNU recently strutted their stuff.

TRONDHEIM SCIENCE MUSEUM: Boneless Bob is missing some bones. Can you help him get them into their proper spots? Why does that box over there give you big ears? Why are there waves in the water tank? What are the three glowing boxes on the table over there? And why is a weird drawing of you coming up on the screen?

Hvorfor har Ole Andreas Alsos så store ører? Foto: Steinar Brandslet, NTNU

Why does Ole Andreas Alsos have such big ears? Photo: Steinar Brandslet, NTNU

The answers are pretty simple. But also pretty complicated, because some bright minds have spent a lot of time on these concepts.

Students from NTNU’s Department of Product Design were recently assigned a project for their programming exam: to design and build five installations for the Trondheim Science Museum, in downtown Trondheim.

These installations needed to engage children, teach them something about science and technology—and otherwise demonstrate the students’ understanding.

Still available for visitors

The Science Museum will be keeping two to three of the models on permanent display. Although all the projects were excellent, they need to be able to withstand rough handling by the young visitors. So not all of them can be included for display on a permanent basis.

Er det sånn du ser ut? Foto: Steinar Brandslet, NTNU

Is that what you really look like? Photo: Steinar Brandslet, NTNU

Ole Andreas Alsos is an associate professor in NTNU’s Department of Computer and Information Science. Both he and the Science Museum are very impressed with what the students have accomplished.

And if you’re not close enough to visit, you can take a look at the five projects below from wherever you are!


Sinus shows how sound waves travel through water. Kids can change the sound frequencies using sensors in the water tank.


So how do sound waves actually work? This machine helps you understand. It also gives you fantastic ears.


Can you roll your tongue? Do you have curls? Did you inherit earlobes or freckles? You inherit features and traits from your parents, but how will a drawing of you turn out when you put them all together

LED Blender

Three brightly lit cubes change color when they come close to each other. Sensors in the cubes tell them which of the other cubes are nearby.

Boneless Bob

Boneless Bob is missing some of his bones. Put them in the right place in less than two minutes and your time will be tweeted!