The transition to a greener world relies in part on research on minerals and materials. Illustration photo: Geir Mogen, NTNU

Minerals and Materials for a Sustainable Future

For the first time this week, the Nature Research Group, publishers of Nature, will host an international conference in Trondheim in cooperation with NTNU, SINTEF and the Geological Survey of Norway. The theme for the conference, which runs from 11-13 September, is the sustainable use of minerals and materials.

A national laboratory for characterizing minerals and advanced materials is being established by NTNU, NGU and SINTEF in Trondheim. The lab is called the Norwegian Laboratory for Mineral and Materials Characterisation (MiMaC). Illustration photo: Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

Jostein Mårdalen, head of NTNU’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering says the decision to hold the conference in Trondheim reflects the expertise found in the city, not just at NTNU but at SINTEF and the Geological Survey of Norway.

“It’s clear evidence of the strength and breadth of the professional expertise found here,” he said.

Gemini Research News has published a number of articles about NTNU and SINTEF’s research on minerals, materials and sustainability . Here’s a sampling: