Mathilde spent four hours in a chamber breathing dust

Road dust can be a big problem in the winter, especially in northern climes where the use of studded tyres is allowed. Researchers are now studying how the type of stone used in asphalt affects the amount and harmfulness of dusty particulate matter that gets kicked up as studded tyres chew into the asphalt.

Two tunnels in Trondheim have been paved with asphalt containing two different types of stones in the asphalt. The particulate matter and dust in the tunnels is being analysed.

Twenty-five healthy volunteers have also spent four hours in a chamber with that contains controlled amounts of road dust. Both before, during and after staying in the room, the participants went through a series of tests. This fine-ground road dust can lead to the development and deterioration of lung diseases such as asthma.

Video: Synnøve Aune, NTNU.