Kahoot! a game-based interactive learning platform, had more than one billion players in 2019. Photo: Kahoot!

Game-based learning platform free for the remainder of the school year

Teachers across the globe are working hard to provide classes online for the millions of students who are homebound because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kahoot, an online interactive learning platform that has its roots in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is offering free premium access to help teachers enrich their online offerings.

Kahoot!, an online game-based learning platform, is offering its premium version free for all teachers affected by closed schools due to the coronavirus.

“Closed schools should not restrict the opportunities for children and young people to learn, and we want to support all teachers who want to continue their education,” says Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot, in a press release.

Kahoot!’s game-based learning platform had 1.2 billion participants in 2019, and is used by more than 5 million teachers worldwide, both in the classroom and outside.

The idea for the gaming program originally came from Professor Alf Inge Wang at NTNU’s Department of Computer Technology and Computer Science.

Wang recently published a literature review of 93 studies that looked at how well Kahoot works in the classroom, and found that use of the tool had a positive effect on learning performance, classroom dynamics, students’ and teachers’ attitudes, and students’ anxiety.

The premium version is being made free for the school year for teachers and schools, and is available at kahoot.com.

Reference: Wang, Alf Inge; Tahir, Rabail. (2020) The effect of using Kahoot! for learning – A literature review. Computers & Education. vol. 149.