Laste ikon

Wireless ocean monitoring

Wireless sensor networks work well in monitoring the oceans. The concept has been tested and found to be watertight.

Problems with maths?

Troubles with handwriting – and motor skills? The explanation for your difficulties may be in the workings of the cells in your eyes.

Warfare on weeds

Herbicide consumption could be cut in half if farmers sprayed only weeds instead of whole fields.


Voice guided

A voice-controlled pocket computer will soon be able to guide […]


Thought bank

A group of young psychiatric patients in mid-Norway will be […]

Tunnel vision

Dark tunnels make drivers feel insecure. Better lighting technology can help.

Autonomous robots at sea

This boat has no captain. Nor is it remotely controlled. It nevertheless manoeuvres safely between other vessels.

Cool calculations

How much cold can we actually tolerate without affecting our performance?

A network apart

Genetically, we are almost the same as chimpanzees. But an important difference is how our genes form highly complex networks.

Water mix produces electricity

The world’s first prototype of a saline power plant demonstrates a simple – and surprising – principle: mixing freshwater and saltwater can produce electricity.

Fishy business

Thanks to two researchers and a chef, miracles have taken place in this aquarium.