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A longer life with a Superman bicycle

A new type of exercise equipment can prevent serious lifestyle illnesses in paraplegic patients.The equipment, which was partly developed at NTNU, was first designed for the American actor Christopher Reeve.

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Making the invisible visible

A new camera exposes secrets hidden on a surface: spots of cancer on a face. Human remains on a hill. The discoverer of this camera calls it the “PryJector.”

Safe on the seabed

We can see what sticks up out of the sea – a big tower with rotor blades that are seventy meters long. But what does it look like underwater?

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Paper chase

Guy Lönngren builds recycled student housing out of cardboard.

Finding cancer early

New ultrasound technology will make it possible for doctors to discover cancer tumors far earlier than before.

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Rock hard workouts

Physical activity can help reduce women’s risk of developing osteoporosis. But taking a stroll simply isn’t enough.

The threat inherent in our imaginations

“Money? For something that may never pay?” grumbles the dull troll called Society every time a call is made for an increase in funding for basic research. And here is the explanation:

Not so lady-like?

At first she is shy and reserved, just like a nice girl ought to be. Then she is transformed into a macho chick.

Instant success

Midt ute på en ungarsk åker tørkes erter og mais etter oppskrift fra Trondheim.

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A pine took root in the early Iron Age and was felled towards the end of the Viking Period. Last year archaeologists rediscovered it – the stuff that an archaeologist’s dreams are made of.

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Dating yellow bruises

Når fikk han egentlig blåmerket – og hvordan? Optisk teknologi kan gi svaret.

Angles on oil

Oil in hard rock types under the ocean’s floor can be difficult to find. A new search method may change all that.

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Magiske 0,8

What do cement floors, earthquakes and broken cups have in common? A magic number.

Help for headaches

Are you plagued by chronic headaches? The reason could be
that you stop breathing in your sleep. If that is your problem, help is available.

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The healing powers of roseroot

A magic plant called roseroot grows wild in Norway. Roseroot helps improve memory and the immune system and stabilizes cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Do you remember?

Is it easy for you to remember the names of people you meet? Can you remember which direction you came from when you leave a shopping centre? Do you get high scores on trivia tests? Then you likely have a highly developed hippocampus.